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Materials: Soil, unfired London clay, wild and urban plant seeds, agar, cellulose, hay, gypsum, water 

(10-35cm diameter)

 'Armoury' is a series of sculptures made by the artist or co-created during workshops that translate rewilding principles into a sculptural function. Each sculpture contains seeds of local wild and urban plants and is a living ecosystem of bacteria and fungus contained in soil and reclaimed London clay. Seeds will germinate at their own pace allowing the environmental conditions to determine the germination. Armoury’- Weapons Of Class Destruction (WOCD)’ is a collection of ammunition-like seed pods modelled on seed bombs. In this work, I borrow on natural farming technics and a traditional craft of mud ball making inspired by Matsunobu Fukuoka. The clay is unfired - artists and makers are the symbolic fire element. I wanted to offer an ecological take on the militaristic representations: of weapons and ammunition and situate it within the queer ecological frame allowing for sculptures to evolve, mature and transform becoming ecological tools of resistance. 

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