I Miss You, 2020

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‘I Miss You’ is an ongoing guerrilla art installation project. It was initiated during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. I adopted the disused local council notice board and adopted it as a local ‘poet’s corner’ and posted a notice asking the passersby for submissions. The notice board is located at one of the entrances to the local park and is seen every day by thousands of workers, joggers, dog walkers and families. Initially I posted any relevant and some of the favourite poems in the Poet’s Corner daily myself but gradually it engaged the local community to contribute poems by themselves or other poets using #PerivalePoets on social media. I thought of it as a simple, non-digital way of bridging the apparent loneliness of self-isolation particularly for those who may not be digitally savvy or uncomfortable with digital means of communication. Reclaiming public space for art, education and activism purposes offers a direct, low budget platform to communicate ideas and feelings work with a collective mindscape. Historically this practice is associated with a disjointed, large urban populations due to the movement of capital and possible art ‘exposure’ rather than a peri-urban culture. This subtle display of personal poems or motivational quotes on a once disused local council notice becomes an every-person space to communicate, relying on others’ perceptiveness to establish an anonymous, nonlinear line of communication and shows a potential for subtle engagement in a peri-urban environment, outside of large art centres.