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Icarus Rescue Mission (Cave) 2019-2020


Icarus Rescue Mission, Cave 2020, Permanent markers, acrylic, painted wood on hard plywood. 

Dimensions: D:9mm, W:3 x 122cm, H:244cm


‘Icarus Rescue Mission (Cave)’ is a drawing installation in its narrative representing the deconstruction of the myth of Icarus and Daedalus but set in a near future, in a cave-like setting depicting ‘animaplant’ beings creating a safety net for a falling Icarus. These beings are ‘rhizomatic multiplicities’ (Deleuze) on a rescue mission to save Icarus and follow the tension lines. The drawing eventually evolves from a mythical and poetic aspect to a more grounded historical context of tension between making and futility (ref: Merzbau - Kurt Schwitters and Deadalus Labirynth). The installation is completed by other large scale drawings featuring feline like beings, Uriels, here representing symbiotic organism and referencing deities.   

‘Icarus Rescue Mission (Cave)’ is installed as a stand alone walk in, broken angle installation resemblant a future shelter, cave like setting. 

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