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Haustoria or Pan’s Feeding Ground, 2020

Edition of 8 photographs each in edition of 10. Printed upon commission.

Dimensions: 11.7’ x 16.5’ (A3)

Medium: Giclée on Archival paper 

Haustoria or Pan's Feeding Ground is a series oh photographs depicting Pan, an ancient god of spring, fertility in a form of half goat half man. Here Pan is depicted wearing Haustorium, a hybrid fungus-plastic material made of plastic bottles like a haustorium looking for nutrients. 

Haustorium: 'A highly modified stem or root of a parasitic plant, such as mistletoe or dodder, or a specialised branch or tube originating from a hairlike filament (hypha) of a fungus. The haustorium penetrates the tissues of a host and absorbs nutrients and water'.

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