Haustoria or Pan’s Feeding Ground, 2019/2020

Edition of 8 photographs. 11.7’ x 16.5’ (A3), giclée on Hahnmüle Pearl, mounted, white frame. 

Here presenting a choice of low resolution photographs.

Haustorium: A highly modified stem or root of a parasitic plant, such as mistletoe or dodder, or a specialised branch or tube originating from a hairlike filament (hypha) of a fungus. The haustorium penetrates the tissues of a host and absorbs nutrients and water. 

Here I looked at lichen. I started a small collection of local samples. I speculated on what would be if lichen were larger in size, growing on architecture and perhaps even human beings. Considering the presence of plastic micro-bits and molecules in the biome, mainly due to PET plastic I imagined it being an integral part of biome and thus gaining organic characteristics such as self-replication and proliferation and eventually becoming an integral part of biome. The project has naturally evolved into a mythological realm, imaging a mythological creature such as Pan using a haustorium made of ‘organically grown’ plastic.