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Symbiotic Extrasensory Membrane (SEM), 2022

A collaborative project realised during the Making Waves - Scientist in Residence project exploring impact of frequencies on the behavior of living organisms. This speculative project proposes to use frequency generator to shape up the texture of a medium (agar) in order to connect to other frequencies and other-than-human beings.

Colaboration with 

  • Maria Li, MA Biodesign, CSM, UAL

  • Peter Nasielski, MA Furniture Design, CSM, UAL

  • Xinjang Du, MA Industrial Design, CSM, UAL

The Scientist in Residence (SiR) programme offers UAL postgraduate students the opportunity to collaborate with leading scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) and Queen Mary University of London (UK), interrogate their cutting-edge research and experiment with transdisciplinarity in action through hacking practices.

Hosted in the Grow Lab at Central Saint Martins, the collaboration also involves UAL faculty and visiting social scientists.

More about the project:

  • Professor Masahiko Hara (Scientist in Residence) School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Professor Kayoko Nohara (Social Scientist in Residence), School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Dr Thomas Iskratsch (Scientist in Residence) School of Engineering and Material Sciences, Queen Mary University of London.

  • Heather Barnett (Academic Lead) Pathway Leader, MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins. WRHI Specially Appointed Professor

  • Dr Betti Marenko (Academic Lead) Reader in Design and Techno-Digital Futures, Central Saint Martins. WRHI Specially Appointed Professor

  • Dr Jo Wheeler, Head of International Partnerships, Central Saint Martins

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