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'The Ocelli' I,II,III


A series of digital collages made with microscopic photography of lichen, looking at whether the vegetal could observe us through technology. I looked at the concept of a compound eye and a term borrowed from Mancuso of the ocelli being a plant vision apparatus.

The Ocelli’ installation is an attempt at imagining the apparatus of vision in the vegetal, as proposed by Stephan Mancuso and followed upon Harald Wager's experiments. In the 'Revolutionary genius of plants', an Italian plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso speculates on the concept of plant vision and brings forward a notion of the ocelli An ocelli is a simple one-lens eye, found among vertebrae which among other functions helps to detect the smallest differences in light. This installation is a collaboration with Cassidy Philipps who generously wrote the music. Lecanora Muralis filmed on Motic Upright Microscope 40x. Music credits: Cassidy Philipps

The Ocelli in 'The Wilderness' exhibition,

St Pancras  New Church, The Haven + 

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