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'These truly are the last days’ 


A series of 8 photography collages and prints.

With the current speed of dramatic changes in the climate and without a serious and immediate remedying action being taken, the policy and politics of the human civilization will cause potentially irreversible changes to the entire Earth's ecosystem. Although most narratives focus on the changes to biodiversity and the extinction of non-human species, the future that awaits perpetrators (humans) is probably most dire.  By the year 2080, the sea level will rise by approximately 2m. Although 2m seems like a small, arbitrary number and 2080 seems far away in the future; it is soon enough for us/our children to see the landscapes changing, causing shifts in geopolitical structures and many lives lost. In this project, I explored the well know and not so well know cultural sites and landmarks of London cityscape and speculated on what they may look like. The series of digital collages portray 11 sites in a form  of a postcard, sending the viewer on a paradoxically nostalgic journey portraying London's cityscapes overtaken by forces of nature. 

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